LSO: The On-Time Times
    June - July 2014
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Barely lift a finger to choose the best way to ship your package - regardless of carrier!
Introducing LSO omniship: The first-ever carrier offered, integrated, yet simple web-based multi-carrier shipping solution.

Got a second? Let’s talk here: Have you ever wanted the power and convenience to do all your small parcel shipping from one system, integrated with both global and regional carriers and right from your desktop? Good news, my Parcel Pal. Now you can with LSO omniship. This all-in-one, web-based shipping solution enables you to ship your packages with LSO, as well as the global giants —whatever best suits your needs.

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Using a Regional Carrier offers a world of advantages. This Webinar will prove it.

Regional carriers like LSO deliver lots of powerful benefits to businesses big and small. Compared to the global giants, nimble alternative carriers like LSO enhance delivery times, improve customer satisfaction, and drive bottom-line profit increases. Check out this Webinar to learn more.

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LSO: Delivering for our community.

This April, LSO made an appearance at the Capitol 10k run in our hometown of Austin. At the kids’ race after-party, LSO’s fab new delivery vehicles were on display and we even hosted a kids’ relay race where the little ones raced LSO packages to a client's desk. We treated kids to fun and prizes galore.

It’s just one more example of our company’s spirit of volunteerism and community involvement..

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5 ways to do a number on your shipping expenses.

It’s no big secret: Shipping costs represent one of the biggest expenses for many small businesses. But here’s an exciting twist: More and more resourceful entrepreneurs are devising innovative ways to reduce the sting of shipping budgets.

Here are 5 powerful ways to do just that...

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LSO is just what the doctor ordered for Senderra Rx

Senderra Rx - Richardson, Texas
A specialty pharmacy serving patients with rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, osteoporosis, and multiple sclerosis.

Senderra ships expensive, sensitive medications to residents, and was experiencing late, lost and damaged packages with competitive carriers.

Superior service.
LSO provides superior quality next-day service. Friendly, uniformed drivers deliver critical packages to patients in need. LSO refrigerates packages when necessary and ensures medicines are received by patients, even if multiple return visits are required.

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LSO Folks are what make LSO.

We are pleased to introduce you to Michael Pokluda, LSO District Operations Manager.

Michael has shipped everything imaginable in the course of his career. What’s the wackiest item he’s shipped? You’ll never guess...


LOL from LSO.

The way we see it, our job isn’t just putting packages on desks. It’s putting smiles on faces. That’s why we interrupt our regularly scheduled newsletter to bring you this bit of sheer tomfoolery!

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